crisp projects

  • Smart Textile Services

    Designing and Selling 'Soft Product' - 'Valuable Service' systems (Smart Textile Services) is about the development of successful methods, platforms, guiding principles and the business models required to understand the multi-disciplinary opportunities and challenges of creating Smart Textile Product Service Systems.
  • Grey but Mobile

    Enhanced Care Service through Improved Mobility for Elderly People (Grey But Mobile) is about improving care-related mobility services for the elderly supporting independent living and social connectivity. Importantly, the quantitative and qualitative effects of these proposed services have to contribute to the improved health of the elderly as well as to the economic efficiency of care.


  • Interview with Marina Toeters Interview on smart fabrics conference
  • The social fabric: Adopting the social value of craftsmanship for service design Baggerman, M., Kuusk, K., Arets, D., Raijmakers, B., Tomico Plasencia, O. The paper addresses the social component of craftsmanship in relation to service-design. The social aspects of learning craftsmanship are discussed in the light of how they could benefit the design of Product Service Systems. Download