audax textiel museum
The TextielMuseum is a working museum. It brings inspiring exhibitions in the field of design and art and offers educational programs in a former textile factory.
The TextielLab of the TextielMuseum is a unique knowledge centre that is both a highly specialised workshop for producing experimental knits and woven fabrics as well as an open atelier where innovation can take centre stage. National and international designers, architects, artists and promising students are coached by product developers and technical experts to discover the endless opportunities in the field, from yarns, to computer-controlled techniques and handicrafts.
Smart Textiles Services, a subdivision of the CRISP project, is involved in the development of smart textiles. Innovation through the combination of yarns with the complex knitting technology has led to the first development of a high-tech knitted garment ‘Tender’. Smart textiles can conduct light, heat or currents. All these innovative textiles can be translated into interactive products, fashion collections or interior projects. The extensive library of the museum, the museum collection and the temporary exhibitions are an excellent research and inspiration resource for all CRISP textile members.

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