Berenschot is an independent organisation consulting firm with 425 employees worldwide. For 75 years, we have impressed our clients in both the public and private sectors with smart, new insights. We go out and acquire new insights and turn them into something practicable. We do this by combining innovation and creativity. Each time, over and over again. Clients opt for Berenschot because our advice gives them a head start.
Our bureau is staffed with inspiring and determined individuals who all share the same passion: organising. Interested in transforming complex issues into practicable constructs. Because of our broad sphere of activity and expertise, clients can call on us for a wide variety of assignments and projects. And we can put together multidisciplinary teams to tackle all aspects of an issue.
Berenschot is a member of the E-I Consulting Group, a European joint venture of leading consultancy firms.  Furthermore, Berenschot is a member of the Council of Organisation Consulting Firms (ROA) and abides by the ROA Code of Conduct.

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