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Brijder offers a broad array of treatment services to individuals who suffer from addiction problems. Our organization comprises more than 40 treatment centers located along the whole western part of Holland which stretches from Texel to Zeeland. Together with seven other institutions for mental health care, Brijder participates as an independent care organization in the Parnassia Group which facilitates collaboration and exchange of expertise between its member organizations.  
Since 2011, both the research department (PARC, Brijder Onderzoek) and the department for adolescent addiction care (Brijder Jeugd) actively participate in G-motiv, one of the projects of CRISP. The aim of this specific collaboration is to apply game elements to enhance treatment motivation in adolescents who receive addiction care at Brijder Jeugd. 
Motivation for treatment is often characterized by ambivalence and fluctuations. Gaining and keeping the motivation to lead a life without (problematic) substance use can be difficult, especially if substance use is widely accepted in one’s environment. Also, the pleasurable effects and possible function of using substances, for example to cope with negative emotions, might be difficult to resist. 
The main idea of G-motiv is that game elements and principles can provide a new approach to enhance treatment motivation and get patients involved in their own treatment process. In particular, adolescent patients are expected to benefit from gamified interventions, since their motivation for treatment is generally lower and their experience with (digital) games and gamified approaches is relatively higher compared to their older counterparts. 
Participation in this creative and interdisciplinary initiative offers Brijder Jeugd an excellent opportunity to explore the merits of collaborating with the creative industry and universities and see whether this can generate new concepts and interventions to further improve treatment for addiction problems in youth. Moreover, involvement in G-motiv corresponds with the plans of Brijder Jeugd to aim for a Top GGz accreditation by developing an innovative research and development program for adolescent addiction treatment.

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