de wever
De Wever is an organisation for the care of the elderly in Tilburg. We strive to keep the elderly at home as long as possible and, when necessary, offer them a worthy and comfortable place to live in one of our locations. With living, healthcare and treatment we want to contribute towards the quality of life of our client. His or her direction and responsibility are the underlying principles of our acting.We constantly aim at internal improvements, process and product innovation. To achieve these goals we work together with knowledge and research institutions. In choosing research and projects we follow our strategic policies. They have to contribute towards an even better standard of care.
The Crisp Smart Textile Service project is about the development of innovative products. Joining this project is especially interesting for us because we can use the products for our care of people who have dementia. With our care we want to achieve that people can stay independent for as long as possible. Thanks to our knowledge and skills in care for people who have dementia we can make a big contribution in the designing phase of the development of new products. We can take care of good synchronization with the people these products are intended for.  
In the Crisp Smart Textile Service project we are involved in the development of two prototypes, a vigour and a blanket. The vigour aims at stimulating and monitoring movement of torso and arms. The intention is to let people use the vigour independently while we can gather and read data from a distance.
The blanket is a product for people in the final stages of dementia. Communication in these stages is often very difficult and with the blanket it is possible to encourage interaction and stimulate movements. Through tactile, auditive and visual stimulations a reaction can be expected. Besides this the warmth and safety of the blanket can give a sense of peace and calm, with help of sound, light and various vibrations of the fabric.
De Wever is happy to cooperate with various partners in this project and develop new products through exchange of knowledge and user testing.

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