delft university of technology
TU Delft is a technology university with a leading global reputation. To remain this, our aim is to maintain a full range of high-quality disciplines, courses and unique facilities in the engineering sciences. Collaboration is an essential part of this, on the basis of our strong identity and reputation. TU Delft wants to be a breeding ground for cutting-edge technological scientific developments to meet the great societal challenges of our age. 
It is also our ambition to be viewed by the business community as a source of outstanding professional scientists and engineers, as a producer of excellent practical knowledge and as an innovative partner. In other words, as a university where new business activities are allowed to blossom and where the research and education have a significant impact on the competitive economic environment.
TU Delft wants to be a place where academics and students think in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary terms, and where science, design and engineering are the primary driving forces behind teaching and research. We wish to be an inspiring, progressive and gender-aware institution, attracting the world’s best scientists and most gifted students in the knowledge that their talents will be allowed to develop to the full here.
TU Delft was one of the initiators and overall coordinator of the CRISP programme, that aims to develop and disseminate knowledge (tools and methods) for the designing of the product service systems that are required to meet today’s societal challenges. 
Close cooperation with experts and industry and the possibility to test and research in experiential design landscapes offers TU Delft the chance to develop and test methods for developing integrated, multi stakeholders design processes of various product service systems.
TU Delft profits from the expert knowledge and experience of her partners and establishes a lasting knowledge network for the future.