exact software nederland b.v.
Exact is a global supplier of business software. Innovative solutions like Exact Globe Next, Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Online support the daily operation of over 100.000 companies worldwide. Exact develops specific cloud an on premise-solutions for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, wholesale & distribution and professional services.

The growth strategy of Exact is based on three pillars: innovation, focus and simplicity. Through its participation in CRISP, Exact gains access to additional forms of creativity that can contribute to future innovation trajectories. Next to that CRISP participation creates value for Exact by sharing knowledge with other partaking companies. The goal is to set up a collaborative framework involving the creative industry and organisations from adjoining areas of the software-industry that focusses on the development of product/service systems.

This objective is based on the fact that several distinctive approaches can realise true innovation. Especially when involving people that are not directly related to the organisation and therefore have a different approach in tackling the same issue. While different sectors face similar challenges, participators in CRISP can learn from each other.

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