Germansmedia is a young and dynamic company, developing new technology. Often this is software (applications, control systems or websites), but also hardware (electronics, optics, etc.). Part of this is done on behalf of clients but we also have our own projects and studies to further develop new ideas.  
Traditionally “inventing new things” was mainly an engineering matter, where electronics would be controlled by a computer to do one simple task. Nowadays, the user has become more important, so “inventing new things” is much more a design task than it used to be. Germansmedia is interested in learning and experimenting with various different aspects of the design world, and CRISP seems to be an interesting forum for this.
Together with several other companies and a research group at CAMeRA/VU we participate in the SELEMCA project where, based on science, fundamental guidelines are being studied to build robots and avatars for healthcare applications. The role of Germansmedia in this is partly supportive (building experiments for the researchers) but ultimately, of course also new technology is being developed. 
Amongst other things we currently work on formalising and implementing social behaviour on the Hanson Robokind R-50 robot, one of the most advanced robots currently available.

crisp projects