kvd reframing
KVD reframing was founded in 1993 as a design consultancy. Ever since founder Matthijs van Dijk started pioneering the Reframing/ ViP methodology with Paul Hekkert, the focus of the agency has widened from just ‘products’, to include issues that precede, or hover above the product development process. Soon KVD started to deal with questions concerning the aim of the product developments, the design-brief, the purposes of the companies themselves and other strategic issues.

After a decade of research and experimentation, reframing has matured into a design thinking skill, fit for both design issues as well as strategic matters. Reframing helps designers to come up with fresh and compelling solutions that fit in a future world and helps strategists to map possible directions through strategic frameworks. In all cases, the new concepts will be based on a new frame of reference. Reframing will translate future concepts into roadmaps and short term solutions that are attractive for people as well as society, economically sustainable for stakeholders, and point at future opportunities.

CRISP has seriously accelerated our awareness of these shifts and convinced us that it makes sense to treat services as design-problems. And more than that: in recent years we have used our reframing approach to design for complex issues in social domains. KVD addresses issues dealing with democracy, organ donation, healthcare concepts ad such. The deliverables include products and services, but also policies, laws, missions, visions…everything that aims at effects on human behavior.

Because of all this we have redefined the reason KVD exists: whatever it was what we were doing in the past, we are now driven by a strong desire to support and enable people to be ever increasingly self determined in choosing how to live a meaningful life. Whether that involves products, services, policies or laws doesn’t matter for us: we will take the job.

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