Metatronics is an electronic engineering company, specializing in consumer products with novel user-product interactions. Together with our clients we help them to realize their next product, starting with exploring the possibilities of possible user-product interactions and defining their products to designing and prototyping the electronics and software behind the product up to and including producing the product in low or high volumes. 
Metatronics’ vision is a world where end users do not need complicated manuals to understand the product but where the product understands the user.
By applying a holistic approach to product development, Metatronics is bridging the gap between product aesthetics, user-product interaction and engineering. Combined with state of the art electronics and software engineering, Metatronics helps its customers to define and design tomorrow’s breakthrough new products.
Metatronics and the department of Industrial Design at TU/e are collaborating in the Smart Textile Services (STS) project within Crisp. Together they are developing a set of very small and light weight Arduino compatible microcontroller, actuator and sensor boards that allow distributed communication and computation and can be easily integrated in textile products.
By placing the tiny modules with sensors and actuators at the places where they need to be, these new building blocks allow designers to experiment with fusing electronics and textile design and to explore possible new products and services.
Metatroncis benefits from the collaboration with TU/e by developing knowledge and ready to (re)use software and hardware modules for designing electronics for textile products and by exploring new user-product interactions in the area of e-textiles.

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