Monobanda designs interactive experiences for surprising locations. These experiences are very diverse, but also have something important in common. They all represent our mission: We want to make you play! 
To us, play means accessibility, open communication, freedom, clarity and creativity. We apply these important aspects in various ways to daily life and activities.
This is how we enrich museums, festivals, companies, exhibitions and other locations. The characteristics of play see to a strong connection between the visitors, the location and the message.
Our projects are known for their accessibility. We make sure that a complex message will be brought to your audience in a light-hearted way.
For the Crisp project Monobanda is developing new playful ways for the target audience -elderlies with Alzheimer's disease- to be activated. In a close collaboration with the other project members Monobanda investigated, observed and analysed the behaviour of the target audience.
What do they like? What are they able to do? How can you encourage them to engage in an activity? With the creation of sensible interactions Monobanda hopes to contribute valuable and useful knowledge to this field.

crisp projects