philips design
Philips Design is a recognized global leader in people-centric design, applying creative expertise to ensure that innovations are meaningful and that the Philips brand experience is preferable and consistent across all its touch-points. Through intensive collaboration and co-creation with stakeholders in and outside Philips, Philips Design aims to understand people’s true needs and desires and translates these into relevant solutions and experiences that create value for people and business. Its creative force of over 500 professionals is comprised of designers across various disciplines, as well as psychologists, cultural sociologists, anthropologists and trend researchers who work from branch studios in Europe, North America and Asia. 
Design for Innovation
To innovate successfully we need to create new meanings based on a deep understanding of how value for people will change in the future. Through our Design Foresight activity we gain understanding of emerging future contexts, changing paradigms and changing behavior in the area of health and well-being. We articulate this understanding in narratives and visualizations to inspire and stimulate debate. We work in interdisciplinary teams with business and technology stakeholders to investigate value spaces via fast visualization and collaborative co-creation of potential propositions. In this way we learn if the proposition is meaningful (or not) at an early stage, speeding up the innovation process.
We also develop a deep understanding of people and their contexts by conducting thematic research in order to build new competencies and capabilities. This enables Philips to develop future propositions and stay at the front end of innovation. CRISP offers a platform for collaboration with multiple stakeholders. Through an approach of open innovation we include stakeholder knowledge such as stress experts in our design processes, and thereby design facilitates the creation of new product-service combinations.

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