roessingh research and development
Roessingh Research and Development (RRD), the largest Dutch scientific research centre for rehabilitation technology, is an independent R&D organization linked to the Roessingh rehabilitation centre in Enschede. RRD is internationally recognized as a center of excellence in the fields of rehabilitation technology and telemedicine.

RRD cooperates closely with the University of Twente where four scientific chairs are filled in by RRD researchers. This enables RRD to hold a solid base within the university and a major part of the areas of RRD knowledge closely connects with knowledge of the various academic departments and with clinical practice.

One of the research tracks within RRD focuses on Telemedicine. This aims at realizing innovative solutions for diagnostics and treatments of patient suffering from chronic musculoskeletal disorders using biomedical and ICT technology. For this research focuses on design, development and evaluation of innovate remotely supervised monitoring and treatment services via an iterative socio-technical design approach.

Research at RRD is financed through the subsidy network for care-related research, both at national and European level. However, projects are not only confined to research. At RRD knowledge generated by academic research is transferred to clinical practice. In addition there is a focus on knowledge valorization. In other words to increase the effective use of the results of its research. To achieve that, RRD increasingly executes projects with industrial and clinical partners. Finally, with the concept of an ‘ICT care laboratory’ RRD develops new and innovative national ICT services.
RRD’s research organization includes highly skilled professionals. It has a multidisciplinary staff (about 45 employees) consisting of medical doctors, physical and occupational therapists, psychologists, engineers and human movement scientists.

Crisp Grey but Mobile contributes to the mission of RRD, as it brings the opportunity to further expand our expertise on physical activity of elderly and more specific the mobility need of elderly and how innovations can support elderly in their mobility. RRD can disseminate scientific findings and support partners in gathering objective information to strengthen subjective findings.

The Crisp Grey but Mobile has impact on RRD as aforementioned – in increasing their knowledge base of elderly and their mobility, but also effects the deployed methods of the researchers. The cooperation with the creative industry and creative scientific partners is inspiring as it brings new methods applicable in scientific research, new approaches to study the elderly – or target populations in general. Brainstorming approaches, quick visualizations and workshop setups are all very inspiring and we are open and eager to learn from them and further improve our research with a ‘hint of creative’.

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