STBY is a design research agency specialised in the creation of deep insights that inform and inspire service innovation projects. These insights stem from highly visual and easy accessible stories told by the people involved; memorable accounts of their routines, motivations, dreams and concerns. 
In-depth analysis of these ╩╗empathic snapshots╩╝ of the worlds people inhabit identifies strategic opportunities for organisations to fulfil unmet needs and create more value and meaning for their customers.
As a network company based in London and Amsterdam, STBY maintains strong links to specialised partners from around the world. The highly specialised team of senior consultants at STBY has extensive experience within research, strategy, design and project management. This expertise has made STBY one of the leading pioneers in the emerging fields of design research and service design, incorporating cutting-edge research techniques into the rapidly changing structure of the 21st Century economies and societies. 
Since STBY is a network company, working with external partners on projects for large organizations involving different departments is our day-to-day business. The question the PSS101 project poses - How do we create Product Service Systems in networks? - thus fits very well with STBY.
From daily experience STBY knows the relevance of research on this topic and sees opportunities for new tools and methods designed specifically for networked PSS creation. This project creates an opportunity to develop and test such tools and methods. Moreover, as this development is done in collaboration with other industrial and scientific partners, their knowledge and expertise in included in the result. Eventually, STBY hopes to use the tools, methods and framework that are being developed in PSS101 in future projects, and promote them in the extensive networks STBY works in.

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