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orggroep Tellens is a multifunctional care provider that offers service and care. It supports the well-being of elderly people in and around more than 20 centres in the southwest and northwest of Fryslân. The centres are small. Respect for the elderly and support of their lifestyle is paramount. Tellens takes on its commitment to the community and focusses on increasing the quality of life in the rural areas around its centres. Sustainable mobility is an important aspect of quality of life. 
The Skewiel Mobiel product service system (started in 2009) provided by Tellens offers additional, sustainable transport which allows the elderly inhabitants of a rural area to participate in their environment by maintaining their local social networks, through increasing door-to-door mobility. Before the system was set up, there were only limited options for elderly to travel short distances in their community: to the supermarket, visiting friends in a nearby village or going to a restaurant.
By taking part in the Crisp project “Grey but Mobile” Tellens can benefit from the technical, creative and scientific approach and support of its partners to improve and expand the Skewiel Mobiel product service system.
Business aspects, sociological aspects, infrastructural aspects and geographic aspects are all taken into consideration in the design of our product service system. 
Our collaboration with our Crisp partners already has resulted in the choice of a second electric car, after a thorough investigation of the advantages and disadvantages of the existing electric cars and the needs of our Skewiel Mobiel product service system.
Petra Degen
Feb. 2013

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  • Petra Degen