the patching zone
The Patching Zone is a transdisciplinary laboratory for innovation where students and professionals from different backgrounds create meaningful content. In our laboratories the students and researchers work together, supervised by experts, on commissions with creative use of high-tech materials, digital media and / or information technology. The Patching Zone brings people together who are interested in building a shared practice.

In 2012, The Patching Zone launched Streetwise Billboards; a project in which The Patching Zone’s team, together with students of Zadkine South, a Rotterdam based vocational school, are developing an urban street game that not only aims to create playful urban environments but also tries to increase social cohesion in Rotterdam South. In order to achieve this, different combinations between public space and (new) technologies are being investigated. Displays in the public space might be used, for example, as mediums to trigger passers-by to play the game. Under the guidance of The Patching Zone’s team of young professionals, the students experiment with new technologies and different elements of game development.

The collaboration between The Patching Zone and CRISP in the “i - PE project” brings practice based research and academic research together. This crossover and exchange of information creates new insights, which is of added value for both partners and is crucial for the development of Streetwise Billboards.

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